How to Trade Binary Options

1. Binary options –  allowing traders to trade the price movements across all the world’s markets

2. There are only 2 types of transactions you can make with binary options: CALL and PUT.

The IQ Option platform allows our traders to make investments starting from just $1. The rate of return can be adjusted, that way losing trades will return a defined percentage into the trader’s account. Your capital is at risk.

iQ Option Trade Set Up

3. CALL – Option for rising prices. If you believe the price is about to go up, choose this option.

PUT – Option for falling prices. Buy this option when you expect the price to decrease.

If you see on the chart that the price isn’t rising or falling, that means that right now there’s a “neutral trend.” In this case, it’s best to hold off on buying this option. Consider choosing a different asset to invest in.

Trend example:

iQ Option Trade Example


4. Never invest more than 2% of your capital in a single option. This is the golden rule for any investor. This way you can manage your investing.

5. If 60% of your transactions end up “in the money” then this is a great start.

6. In order to improve the quality of your results, use technical & fundamental market analysis.

7. Try different asset classes. If you’re not getting results with currency pairs, try stock indices. On most Binary Option platforms you can find over 70 types of assets, including Bitcoin, Forex, Indices and stocks such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

8. Sign up for a free demo and use your account manager to help you make the right trading decisions and answer any questions you may have.


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You capital is at risk.